Quiz: Ireland's Viking heritage


These infamous Norsemen established cities, left behind amazing artefacts and changed from raiders to residents as they settled across the land. Take our quiz and discover the fascinating legacy they've left behind...

Ireland’s oldest city was founded by the Vikings in 914AD. What is the name of this city?

What is the name of the Irish High King who defeated the Vikings?

What island is thought to have been the first raided by the Vikings?

Much of the hit TV show Vikings is filmed in Ireland! Where would you find Lough Tay, known as the setting of the fictional village of Kattegat in the series?

Named after a Viking, Ragnall, who ruled in the 10th century, in which county will you find Reginald's Tower?

Which of Ireland's islands is said to be where a hermit baptised Viking Olaf Tryggvason, the future King of Norway?

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