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Keanes Cottage

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Ferry Point, Kinsalebeg, Youghal, Cork,
Mrs Briedi Walsh

Keanes Cottage is located in the beautiful countryside of Kinsalbeg, Youghal, County Cork. Keanes Cottage offers views of the bay and Youghal town, a lovely spot to take an evening walk and see the lights and the goings on in the town.

In the middle of the southern coast between Cork and Waterford, the river Blackwater opens up in to a large bay and then narrows before opening out to the ocean. On one side of the bay on a steep hill is the historic town of Youghal. On the other side are green open hills and cattle fields of Kinsalebeg. Keane’s Cottage is located on the Kinsalebeg side and has a view across the bay of the town of Youghal.

Keane’s Cottage offers two bedrooms, two bathrooms and an optional attractive loft room with a single bed. There is also a large kitchen, dining room and living room. Keane’s Cottage is equipped with all modern conveniences including a stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer, microwave, telephone and internet. You will often see cows coming to the bedroom and kitchen window for breakfast.

The Cottage is ideally situated travel point to many sites on the Southern Coast of Ireland. While peaceful and quiet it is just five minutes from the main road between Cork and Waterford. The cottage itself offers it’s own unique Irish experience and is a fully restored ruin. Keane’s Cottage is decorated tastefully with antiques and is quiet spacious. A wonderful place to take walks from, cycling adventures, visit all your tourist locations, or just to simply relax and enjoy the comfort of a fire.

There is plenty of great dining near by. Locally made smoked salmon at Youghal Bay Seafood’s. Local pottery at Jack O’ Patsy. There is many near by golf courses.

Keane’s Cottage is only ten minutes from the Cliffs and town of Ardmore, a great place to go for a walk. A short 10 minute drive around the bay to the town of Youghal, 20 minutes to Dungarvan, 45 minutes to Cork and 50 minutes to Waterford.

We hope that you will have a wonderful stay at Keane’s Cottage. Please contact them with any booking requests or questions or any way Keane’s Cottage can help you with your travels. Email or telephone: or +353(0)876644904