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Robinson Lecture

Nov 27 2019
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Armagh Planetarium College Hill, Armagh, County Armagh,
 (028) 3752 1800

Come along and hear Professor Monica Grady speak on 'How to land a Spacecraft on a Comet'

Professor Monica Grady is Professor of Planetary and Space Sciences at he Open University. Best known for her work on meteorites and with the ESA Rosetta spacecraft project, the Philaw Lander and its Ptolemy instrument, Professor Grady is developing a roadmap for the care of samples brought to Earth from missions to asteroids, Mars, the Moon and comets. Asteroid 4731 was names Monicagrady in her honour. The lecture will be followed by a full Dome Planetarium Show, 'Asteroid - Mission Extreme'.

To book a ticket please contact: armagh.space