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Corrib Anglers

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Annakeen, Ower, Headford, Galway,
Mr Paul Heaney

Based near Headford in County Galway, Corrib Anglers Guides are experienced in fishing the Corrib system, where thousands of brown trout and salmon are caught each year.

Corrib Anglers are guides based near Headford in County Galway.

The Corrib system is one of the few natural brown trout fisheries remaining in Europe. The system is a network of rivers and lakes, the Corrib, Mask and Carragh being the largest covering approximately 26,500 hectares. The shallow alkaline waters with a myriad of insect life make for the finest trout fishing in the West of Ireland.

Corrib Anglers' guides have a history of fishing the Corrib system for generations. Their expertise and knowledge will enhance every opportunity to land the finest wild brown trout. Over 10,000 brown trout (not to mention salmon) are caught each year on the Corrib. Early season wet fly fishing commences the end of February moving on through the hatches of chironomids (duckfly) mid-March to mid-April followed by olive hatches to approximately the second week of May with Mayfly hatches producing trout angling of the highest quality.

Be it wetfly, dryfly or nymph fishing our guides will take you to where the action is hottest.

The company operates out of Annaghkeen Bay, about 6km from Headford.