Battle of the Boyne Visitor Centre

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Oldbridge, Meath, Republic of Ireland
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The Battle of the Boyne between King William III and his father in law, King James II in 1690 took place in the Boyne Valley in Oldbridge, County Meath. The Battle of the Boyne Centre tells this tale.

At the Battle of the Boyne Centre in Oldbridge County Meath learn of the historic battle between two kings which occurred on 1 July 1690 (11th of July according to our modern calendar). At this battle site on the banks of the River Boyne two rival monarchs did battle, King James II and his son in law, William III. The centre is located in the recently restored Oldbridge House.

Both kings commanded their armies in person. William had 36,000 men and James had 25,000, the largest number of troops ever deployed on an Irish battlefield. At stake were the British throne, French dominance in Europe and religious power in Ireland.