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BT1 Apartments - Belfast City Centre

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Margarita Plaza 81 Adelaide Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim,
Ms Ann Campbell
T: (078) 2133 9498

Whether in Belfast on business or pleasure, BT1 Apartments provides you with city centre luxury.

Whether you are in Belfast on business or pleasure, let provide you with city centre luxury and comfort. Our modern serviced apartment in Belfast city centre allows you to have your own living area to relax and enjoy. There is space for you to work if required, and even a fully equipped kitchen and dining area so you can prepare your own meals or entertain friends.
Hotels are an option, however a serviced apartment offers so much more. With three times the space of an average hotel room, you have plenty of room to relax and enjoy your stay.

Whether it’s a pint in the Crown Liquor Saloon or living history through a tour of the West Belfast Murals, BT1 Apartments is the ideal choice to begin your adventure!

West Belfast Murals - Check out Visit Belfast Welcome Centre's Tour Packages!

Although most people wish to leave sectarian violence behind, the murals painted on the walls of both Catholic and Protestant areas of West Belfast have become a tourist attraction and a testament to the city's turbulent past. The first murals to appear were in the Loyalist area at the beginning of the 20th century. They paid homage to William of Orange, who defeated James I in 1690 at the Battle of the Boyne. Murals in the Republican Falls Road started to appear much later during the Hunger Strikes of 1981, depicting images of emaciated men in blankets to drum up support from the local community. Along the Falls Road the murals attempt to give a snapshot of historical events such as the Easter Rising of 1916 and images of Republicans defending West Belfast.