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  1. The Björn Identity ®

    Newcastle, County Down

    This authentic and live 'ABBA in concert' experience is unlike any previous comparisons. Lees meer

  2. Lady Windermere's Fan

    Newcastle, County Down

    Join us on a journey back to Victorian London and the fashionable residence of the Windermeres. Lees meer

  3. History of the Peace (Accordin' to my Ma)

    Newcastle, County Down

    Comedy sequel from the team that brought you ‘The History of the Troubles (Accordin’ to my Da) Lees meer

  4. Elvis Spectacular

    Newcastle, County Down

    The ultimate Elvis experience starring European Elvis champion, Ciaran Houlihan. Lees meer

  5. Grant Goldie - That Man

    Newcastle, County Down

    A wordless performance of charming virtuosity and high skill. Lees meer

  6. Raven Sisters on the Prom

    Newcastle, County Down

    The Raven Sisters will add some glitz and glamour to the prom with high energy, non stop cabaret. Lees meer

  7. Jim & Dr Nick on the Prom

    Newcastle, County Down

    Two of Ireland’s top street entertainers bring their unique talents together in street circus show. Lees meer

  8. Fool's Paradise

    Newcastle, County Down

    Bart Players Fool's Paradise is a carefree comedy romp that'll have audiences laughing heartily. Lees meer

  9. St Jude's Ward 10

    Newcastle, County Down

    Blaris Players make a welcome return to Newcastle with comedy, chaos and laughter guaranteed. Lees meer