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  1. Sink or Slim

    Newcastle, County Down

    Sink or Slim is a merry go round of crazy craic with lots of not to miss! Lees meer

  2. Further Ted

    Newcastle, County Down

    Two memorable characters from Father Ted get together for a night of stand-up and musical comedy. Lees meer

  3. History of the Peace (Accordin' to my Ma)

    Newcastle, County Down

    Comedy sequel from the team that brought you ‘The History of the Troubles (Accordin’ to my Da) Lees meer

  4. Babcock & Bobbins on the Prom

    Newcastle, County Down

    Babcock & Bobbins traditional circus show which incorporates slapstick comedy and circus skills. Lees meer

  5. Stripey Socks - Curious World

    Newcastle, County Down

    Upside down antics, toe tapping songs and a bit of wacky audience interaction await you. Lees meer

  6. Fool's Paradise

    Newcastle, County Down

    Bart Players Fool's Paradise is a carefree comedy romp that'll have audiences laughing heartily. Lees meer

  7. St Jude's Ward 10

    Newcastle, County Down

    Blaris Players make a welcome return to Newcastle with comedy, chaos and laughter guaranteed. Lees meer

  8. Sideboard Sideshow

    Newcastle, County Down

    Superbly silly, stunningly surreal and seriously stupid, welcome to the sideboard sideshow. Lees meer