Festival of Politics 2019

Nov 21 2019 - Nov 24 2019
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8 Back Ln, The Liberties, Dublin City, Dublin,
 +353 1 9602300

Festival of Politics 2019 is back from 21st to 24th November to Tailors' Hall with significantly less politicians and a host of solutions that will bring peace to the world, an end to global warming, and one or two political conspiracies.

Was Jesus Christ really a political Superstar? Are politician’s human? Learn about the still unsolved murder of Bobby Kennedy with the man who uncovered the original RFK tapes! From Pinochet to prawn sandwiches, soccer, is it just a game of political football? Are we finally witnessing Dublin’s cultural death rattle? And is eating meat a crime against humanity?

Festival of politics is back to fearlessly answer these and other questions.

Meet the US author who says RFK’s killer Sirhan Sirhan is an Innocent Man and he can prove it; Hemingway described this Irish American Reporter as the ‘greatest writer who ever lived’, who was she? Was she really murdered for uncovering the Truth behind JFK’s assassination?

In an era of fake news, what is the Truth and even if you knew, could you handle it? join in on a journey through the unexplained side of life and politics including a peak into the Dark Side of NASA – and the ideas of free love and debauchery behind the project that took man into space. All this and more at the Not your everyday Festival of Politics, Tailors' Hall this November

This is not a think-in. This is not an Ard-Fheis. This is not your everyday Festival of Politics!