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Looking for inspiration? Planning a trip? Or just want to scroll yourself happy? We'll show you an Ireland that's tailor-made for you.

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    See what Ireland has in store for you

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    While offline, you can still add items to ‘My Board’. New travel reccomendations will only show up once you’re back online.

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    trim-castle-river-boyne-county-meath trim-castle-river-boyne-county-meath

    Ireland’s weather

    This is absolutely our favourite subject and probably the opening line of every conversation with an Irish person... ever. Because Ireland's weather has done more than sculpt our landscape; it's shaped our very culture.

    Ireland is always in season

    The lush green promise of spring, those endless summer evenings, the kalidoscope of autumn leaves and the still beauty of a frosty winter's morning. We love them all.

    mmtiirelandcomV2weather7JulV2 mmtiirelandcomV2weather7JulV2

    Bantry House, County Cork

    Soft rain

    • Soft rain
    • Shimmering sun
    • Glistening frost
    • Whistling wind

    Four seasons in one day

    Wondering about the average weather forecast in Ireland? We have a mild, temperate climate with cool summers and mild winters. But our weather likes to keep you guessing, so you'll probably experience a little of everything. Rain clouds will clear to reveal blue skies. Freezing mornings will warm to become glorious afternoons. And just when you think there are no surprises left, Ireland will show you a sunrise that will make you stop in your tracks.

    Fleadh Ennis 2016 Fleadh Ennis 2016

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    Ireland weather guide

    As any Irish person will tell you, the weather can disrupt the best laid plans. Our advice? Be flexible. Pack for all seasons. And just enjoy it!

    rainbow-derryveagh-mountains-county-donegal-1 rainbow-derryveagh-mountains-county-donegal-1

    Derryveagh Mountains, County Donegal

    Weather talk – Ireland style

    "The sun is splitting the stones."
    Yes, it DOES happen sometimes. The heat from the shy Irish sun soaks into the stones and warms us from the ground up. Often followed by complaints about how it's almost too hot.
    "That wind would cut you in two."
    A wind so sharp and so cold, it could actually do harm. This wind often comes from the east, which may explain why so many Irish people are suspicious of the east wind.
    "It's a soft day."
    This refers to the good kind of rain – a gentle mist that makes our green landscape almost glow. Not to be confused with "a dirty old day" – that's the bad rain.