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Jun 14 2018
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Drop Dead Twice, 18-19 Francis Street, Merchants Quay, Dublin,

Sweden's favourite punk madmen are on their way to Dublin.

Sweden's favourite punk madmen, Zooparty, are on their way to Dublin to turn the Drop Dead Twice venue on its head.

With the release of their new album, out on Deadlamb Records, the band, which formed in 2005, adds a third rowdy masterpiece to their already much-loved back catalogue.

The trio, formed by vocalist/guitarist Erik Pettersson, bassist/backing vocalist Morgan Libert and drummer/backing vocalist Bumba, have previously welcomed special guests Glen Matlock of The Sex Pistols and Brian James, formerly of The Damned, to the recording studio on two of their albums – a high honour considering Matlock and James had only ever played with one other artist before, and that was Iggy Pop. They were also joined by Nisse Hellberg from the legendary swedish band Wilmer X on their release Re-Fuse.

With an amped live performance style and support on the night from Belfast d-beat merchants Deathgrip, Dublin ska punk messers The Divils, and No Matrix, returning for the first time in a decade to the stage, their June show in Dublin is set to be full of antics of the highest order. Be there or be square.