Causeway 1718

May 11 2018 - Jun 20 2018
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Coleraine Museum Coleraine Town Hall, Coleraine, County Londonderry,
T: (028) 7034 4723
E: colerainevic@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk

A new exhibition about the 1718 Bann Valley Migration from Ulster to North America.

Wars of the seventeenth century, Penal laws imposing civil and religious penalties, Scottish immigration, economic challenges and the introduction of new industries all impacted on the Causeway area in the early eighteenth century. This was the background of the first organised migration from Ulster to North America – the 1718 Bann Valley Migration.

This exhibition explores the people and places of the Causeway area, connecting local people and places with bigger national stories.

Discover what was happening, why it happened, and what the 1718 Bann Valley Migration was all about.