Chris Hadfield in Ireland

He's been in space, he's seen the final frontier and he's sung David Bowie while floating in zero gravity. Commander Chris Hadfield has experienced sensations, scenery and sights that are literally out of this world.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield outside Titanic Belfast
Astronaut Chris Hadfield outside Titanic Belfast

How exactly could he ever top that? Simple, with his most adventurous mission yet…

An Astronaut's Mission to the island of Ireland.

A Spaceman Came Travelling

During his travels, the David Bowie-singing spaceman explored, tasted, tested and experienced the best of Ireland. And we were on hand to capture the Commander’s adventures.

First stop, the Wild Atlantic Way.

An Astronaut’s Guide to the island of Ireland: The Wild Atlantic Way

When Commander Hadfield tweeted a shot of Ireland from space with the message “Tá Éire fíorálainn” (Ireland is very beautiful) he was on to something. But what would he think of the landscape and the Wild Atlantic Way when he's standing right in the middle of it? And could he learn a few words of Gaeilge to describe it?

Let’s find out.

An Astronaut’s Guide to the island of Ireland: Titanic

Next stop, it’s Belfast and the epic Titanic Belfast. Commander Hadfield uncovers the back story to the world’s most famous ship and finds out why, in Belfast, they say "She was all right when she left here".

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An Astronaut’s Guide to the island of Ireland: The Guinness Storehouse

And so to the Guinness StorehouseDublin to discover the science behind the perfect pint of Guinness (for purely scientific reasons of course!) as well as the perfect way to drink one. Remember to lift that elbow, Commander.


An Astronaut’s Guide to the island of Ireland: Hurling

What is hurling? Think baseball meets soccer meets rugby. Confused? So was Commander Hadfield. But a few tips from Irish Hurling Legend ‘Sambo’ and a master class with Experience Gaelic Games sorted him out. But can he score a point in the fastest field game on earth?

Watch and see.

Mission status: Complete

So there you have it, An Astronaut’s Guide to the island of Ireland. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your own mission to the island of Ireland right now and discover the thrill of a new adventure.

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