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13, Claddagh Quay, Claddagh, Galway City, Galway,

Galway Bay Boat Tours is a family run business specializing in tailored boat tours on Galway Bay for individuals, families and small to medium-sized groups.

Galway Boat Tours specializes in Maritime Adventures, Heritage, Culture, Picnics, Traditional Sail Boat and Claddagh Experience Tour.

Join the Oliver family for a memorable trip on Galway Bay. With a team of professionally qualified skippers, it is now possible to experience the best of Galway City's stunning ocean landscapes. Curious minds will also be sated with over one hundred years of the City’s maritime history explained through facts, folklore and seafaring tales of intrigue.

Experience Galway from a different perspective!
From the calm waters of the bay you will see the rolling Clare Hills and lunar landscape of the Burren, as well as take in some of the world famous scenes of Galway culture that have inspired poets, artists and musicians for generations. Breathe in the history of this famous coastal community and relive some of the ancient sailing traditions that shaped Galway into the thriving city that is there today.

Choose from either a modern gentle cruise, a thrilling power boat excursion, or a once in a life-time boating experience on the famous Galway Bay traditional handcrafted sail boat (Galway Hooker) for our unique maritime history tour.

1 hr Harbour Trip.
2 hr Galway Bay Trip.
Bespoke Fishing Experience with Option of Buying Catch.
Tailored Afternoon and Evening Coastal Village Excursions (Seasonal/Weather/Tide - Dependent).

How does the tour work?
It is possible to book a 1 - 2 hour boat trip.

The first hour of every trip is an incredibly popular standard Galway Harbour cruise of the Bay. Take in the spectacular views of the City from the vantage point of the Bay, as well as enjoy Galway's fascinating maritime local history.

It is also possible to incorporate an additional hour (making the trip approx 2 hrs long) with a Galway Hooker Maritime Tour (including a visit to Galway City Museum) or the Claddagh Experience Boat and Walking Tour.

In addition, weather and calendar permitting, there is the option of an exhilarating fishing tour, or a range of romantic evening themed coastal village excursions in collaboration with some of Galway's best service providers, restaurants and guides.

If Galway's weather turns inclement, an alternative Maritime Walking Tour option is also available!