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Gin School at Hughes Craft Distillery

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61 Main Street, Moira, County Down,
T: (028) 9278 0735

Stoke your curiosity by joining a small, interactive class and learn about small-batch distilling.

Whether you want to discover the secrets of craft-distilling or just an absolute devoted gin fan, get some ginspiration at Hughes Craft Distillery’s Gin School.

It’s your own hand-crafted gin, so make it according to your palate or take some guidance from your host. Once you’ve fired-up your small copper pot still, you will record, taste, observe and measure the spirit as the concentrated vapours start to flow from the condenser into your spirit glass. Put all your senses to the test to differentiate between the heads, hearts and tails.

When the last drop has emerged from your mini-still you will measure your distilled spirit using a hydrometer, cut your gin with Antrim Hills artesian water, personally bottle the liquid, name your gin and write your own personalised label. You will leave with your bottle of gin, and your own recipe card. But the most precious gift you take home is your new-found knowledge and appreciation for small-batch, hand-crafted gin.

Gin School class includes a selection of signature drinks from the distillery along with tasty canapes produced with local ingredients in The StillHouse Kitchens.