Jazz, blues and country

Martin Sexton

Nov 01 2018
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Whelan's, 25 Wexford Street, Dublin,
T: +353(0)14780766
E: info@whelanslive.com

The Syracuse, New York native singer/songwriter will visit Dublin in support of his ninth studio album.

You'll no doubt recognise singer/songwriter Martin Sexton's music from films and TV shows like Scrubs, Parenthood and Masters of Sex, but it's the Syracuse, New York native's live shows that are the real treat for his fans.

This winter, Sexton will visit Dublin in support of his ninth studio album. Dubbed Mixtape of the Open Road, it's a release that has already drawn praise from the likes of The Wall Street Journal and CMT, while Sexton himself has been the subject of adulation from that bastion of music tastemaking, Rolling Stone, who called his songwriting "outstanding" and his vocal style "soul marinated."

It's high praise for a guy who began his career busking in the streets and subways of Boston in the early 90s, and little wonder, too: Sexton's high-energy, emotive arranging and performing styles have gone on to influence artists in genres as wide-ranging as country, blues, indie and pop. Headlining career-defining venues like The Fillmore to Carnegie Hall hasn't hurt, either.

Unwaveringly independent, Sexton's success has been almost entirely the result of his DIY ethos; it even won him the National Academy of Songwriters Artist of the Year Award in 1994, and most certainly led to his launch, in 2001, of his very own record label, Kitchen Table Records.

Honest, powerful and unforgettable, his show is a must-see. Catch it at Whelan's.