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Bundoran Seaweed Baths and Aqua Marine Treatment

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Atlantic Way, Bundoran, Donegal,
Mr Anderson Keys
T: +353(0)719841172
F: +353(0)719842168
E: info@waterworldbundoran.com

Bundoran Seaweed Baths and Aqua Marine Treatment in Bundoran, County Donegal is a relaxing, invigorating environment where one can unwind in one of the many individual or dual bathing rooms whilst receiving one of the therapeutic treatments on offer.

Bundoran Seaweeds Baths provide an all natural, salt water, truly organic experience using freshly harvested seaweed from the Wild Atlantic Way.

The handpicked seaweed contains vital nutrients which are released during bathing, thus enriching, revitalising, nourishing, soothing and smoothing tired and damaged skin. Seaweeds is full of natural organic oils, therefore providing anti-aging and anti - cellulite compounds making your skin vibrant as well as softened.

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