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For a small island, Ireland thinks big when it comes to spas. Find your perfect match with our guide

Natural resources, pristine countryside and world-class facilities make for some seriously award-winning relaxation on the island of Ireland.

With accolades for our spas pouring in from the World Luxury Hotel Awards, Forbes Magazine and Condé Nast Traveller, the only slightly stressful thing is how to choose between them.

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Don’t know the difference between resort and destination spa? Or not sure whether a hotel or retreat would suit you? We’ve established four main types of spas to help you decide which one is for you.

Destination spas

Expect total immersion in the spa experience here. A destination spa is a place dedicated to health, fitness and relaxation. There will be scheduled activities such as yoga, Pilates and relaxation classes, and plenty of wet spa experiences.

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Resort spas

The resort spa offers relaxation with recreation. It is usually an estate or mountain lodge, with a picture-perfect rural or seaside backdrop. Enjoy a spot of golf, fishing, horse riding, tennis, cycling, archery or walking, before your spa treatments.

Hotel spas

Ireland’s hotels know how to multitask. These hotels offer a full spa facility on top of the usual famous Irish hospitality. Further categorisation of hotel spas make a distinction between comprehensive facilities in at least a 4 star hotel, to a Leisure Club Hotel Spa that’s a minimum 3 stars. Either way, you’re promised relaxation at your hotel room doorstep.

Specialised retreats

Who knew seaweed could make you feel fantastic inside and out? Well, it can. Specialised retreats promise dedicated spa experiences, such as Thalassotherapy, health spas, and seaweed baths. So slide into some nourishing seaweed, steam in a sauna and let crisp clean air soak into every pore.

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