Recently the Discover Ireland Nordics Facebook page was taken over by its fans. We wanted to make a travel itinerary to Ireland’s capital city curated by our fans that reflected what they would see & do during their time in Dublin. Below are all the sights, attractions and places to eat & drink decided by YOU our fans.

Day 1:


We started off bright and early in the beautiful Dublin city centre. We asked all of our fantastic fans from our Tourism Ireland Nordics Twitter and Discover Ireland Nordics Facebook account for suggestions on where to pick up some great coffee and breakfast. The suggestions were fantastic so we decided to go for the legendary Bewleys Cafe right on the middle of Grafton St. The coffee and food were great and really set us up for our day ahead.


For the afternoon we once again asked for our fan suggestions. After a very ‘quick’ discussion we decided to pay a visit to the most popular attraction in Ireland the Guinness Storehouse. The Storehouse is a great experience and the view from the Gravity bar with our free pint was very special. After visiting the world’s most famous brewery we stopped off at the charming Little Museum of Dublin which sits on the beautiful St. Stephens Green a few doors down from the historic Shelbourne hotel. This museum is definitely one of the city’s hidden gems and a great place to start off your tour of Dublin.

Day 2:


On our second day of #MakeDublinYours we again took direction from our fans who suggested a great place to pick up a coffee and some breakfast.  3FE was the winner which is a great new café located nearby grand canal dock which is surrounded by some of the world’s biggest tech companies such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIN and suitably nicknamed ‘Silicon Dock’.


That afternoon our fans suggested that we check out Fallon & Byrne to pick up some lunch. Fallon & Byrne is a great restaurant coupled with a beautiful wine bar and food hall located on Exchequer St which is a short walk from Grafton Street. The food was fantastic and was shortly followed by a relaxing walk in the beautiful St. Stephens’s Green park in glorious sunshine.


That evening our fans suggested some great places to experience some live music with some real locals. We decided to go with fan favourite the Quay bar in Dublin’s evening quarter Temple Bar. The music here was fantastic and of course we tried one or two Guinness too.

Day 3:


For our third day in Dublin’s fair city we were keen to get a bit more active and see this fantastic city on two wheels. We asked our fans which parts of the city were most bike friendly and it turns out that the whole city is perfect for cycling. The Dublin Coke Zero bikes are fantastic and their stations are located all over the city. We had a spin around Europe’s largest park Phoenix Park on Dublin’s north side. Phoenix Park is incredible with such wide open spaces providing great perspective. Having taken in the beautiful Phoenix Park and dodging one or two local deer we ventured back into the city centre and decided to cycle along the beautiful Grand Canal which allows you to dissect Dublin by east to west or vice versa.


After a great day on the Dublin Coke Zero bikes we were absolutely starving and again asked our brilliant fans for some dinner suggestions. The winner on Day 3 was the famous Guinness Beef stew at the Church restaurant on Jervis St which capped Day 3 off perfectly.

Day 4:

On our fourth day of #MakeDublinYours we wanted to get out of the city and see some of the beautiful nature and landscapes that Ireland is famous for. Our fans provided some fantastic suggestions such as the incredible Glendalough, Newgrange and much more. We decided to keep it local and check out what was to see in Co. Dublin and the nearby seaside town of Howth. We jumped on the Dart train which was an experience in itself providing great views of the Dublin coastline. The weather was a little cold but the sun kept shining. We even had some delicious seafood for lunch and a lovely walk around bumping into the charming locals who are full of laughter and knowledge.

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Day 5:

After a great week we sadly awoke to our last day in Ireland’s capital. We had eight hours left to try and fit in all we could before we made our way to the airport. Our fans provided some great suggestions. As we knew our fans loved the Viking connection between the Nordics and Ireland we opted to learn a little bit about how Dublin was established. We paid a visit to the fantastic Dublinia museum which provided all we needed to know about Dublin’s Viking connection. Shortly after our museum visit we walked across to the incredible Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin Castle and the beautiful St. Patricks Cathedral. To finish off our Viking tour and our brilliant week in Dublin we jumped aboard the Viking Splash tour of Dublin which was one of the best experiences of the week.

To check out more about #MakeDublinYours head over to our Facebook page with the hashtag #MakeDublinYours and keep an eye out for our next trip to Belfast City.

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