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Famine Warhouse 1848

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Warhouse, Ballingarry, Tipperary,
Mr John Webster
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During the Great Famine, 1845-1850, the Warhouse at Ballingarry, County Tipperary, was the scene of the principal action of the 1848 Rebellion by the Young Irelanders.

The Exhibits at the Famine Warhouse, in Ballingarry County Tipperary, 1848 tell the story of the Young Irelanders. Most now agree, that had there not been the Young Ireland movement, we would not have had the Fenians of 1867 and the 1916 Rising, hence the national historical importance of the 1848 Warhouse.

The 150th anniversary Commemoration Cermony, in 1998. The farm house which belonged to the McCormack family has always been known locally as the Warhouse. The Warhouse was placed on the register of historic monuments in April 1989 in order to give legal recognition to the historical significance of the building.

The house exhibits the history of the Famine and mass emigration, the rebellion, high treason trials and the penal exile of the Young Ireland leaders to Australia and their escapes to the United States Of America. The exhibition places the Famine Rebellion in the context of 1848 as Europe's year of revolutions in France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Hungary. there is access to the ground floor for visitors with disabilities.