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25 South Frederick Street, Dublin,
Ms Steve Kemp
T: +353(0)877974716

The KEMP Gallery at 25 South Frederick Street is the go to venue to view urban art in Dublin city centre. Hosting both solo and group shows at regular intervals throughout the year, it specialises in showcasing the work of street and graffiti artists

The KEMP Gallery on 25 South Frederick Street, Dublin 2 opened its doors on the 24th of March 2016 to a substantial and curious audience. The inaugural show “INTRO” was a mixture of both art hanging and art painted directly onto the walls of the gallery. It featured work from some of the top purveyors of street, graffiti and stencil art in the country, namely: ADW, DMC, JMK, KEMP, MELS2, MORGAN and RASK.

Being the only gallery of its kind in Dublin City the venue showcases an enviable list of talent and gives these artists the platform to display their works, which would otherwise go unseen in a structured environment.

With the emergence of street art as a bona fide recognised form of saleable art, the popularity of this genre has sky rocketed in recent tiimes. Artists like Banksy, Shepherd Fairey, Faile and Ben Eine have taken street art from an activity that many viewed as vandalism, into highly sought after work that collectors and fans alike pay a handsome price to get hold of.

The KEMP Gallery’s curator KEMP has himself been painting for 10 years. He is self taught and predominantly works with stencils and spray paints. He has held solo exhibitions in New York and Dublin amongst other places and has been part of group shows in great locations like Amsterdam. KEMP has previous experience as the curator and originator of the OUTVASION concept. OUTVASION was a successful live painting and outdoor gallery event held in Dublin’s Temple Bar in 2014, that attracted coverage from all major national media.

Hosting both group and solo exhibitions year round, The KEMP Gallery maintains its freshness and encourages frequent visits from art fansand curious artists alike With its ethos of “Regard the art, disregard the rules” the KEMP Gallery has become a place to hang out as much as to view art.Admission is free and it’s a real chance for the public to engage with the work and artists alike who often frequent the location.

Although it provides the advantage of showcasing this genre of art indoors and offering a stress free, open environment in which to view the artworks, The KEMP Gallery feels that the genre can still thrive on the streets and that the two can co-exist without friction. So whether you are an avid fan or have little experience of the scene, pop in at your leisure to experience the very best urban art offerings at The KEMP Gallery, they look forward to seeing you soon.