Kilrush Slí na Sláinte

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Town Hall, Market Square, Kilrush, Clare,
E: ebyrne@irishheart.ie

The Kilrush Slí route is 4.6km and begins at the Town Hall, Market Square.

The Kilrush Slí route is 4.6km and begins at the Town Hall, Market Square. Built in 1808 as a market house, it was a focal point for the Kilrush Fairs. Continue down Moore Street and turn right into Stewart Street/Killimer Road. You cross over the Wood River and will eventually have the Vandeleur Demesne on your left. Lord Vandeleur was a local landlord of the early 19th Century.

Take a right turn onto Shell Shock Road. The houses
on the left of this road were occupied by ex-soldiers of World War 1, hence the name. At the junction of this road with the Aylevaroo Road, turn right towards Cappa Village. At this point there is a beautiful view of Hogg Island on the Shannon Estuary. Scattery Island can also be seen as you proceed towards Cappa.

Scattery Island “Inis Cathaigh” is named after a mythical monster on the Island. On this Island there are the remains of a sixth century monastic settlement
founded by St Senan, a unique 10th century Round Tower with an entrance at ground level and the ruins of seven Churches and a village.

The route goes through Cappa, the Port of Kilrush. The beach near the pier has a blue flag, children’s playground and a viewing area of the Shannon Estuary. The remains of the West lare Railway are visible adjacent to Cappa Pier.

From Cappa, the road swings to the right towards Kilrush’s Cappa Road. Along this road you pass the Adventure Centre and Kilrush Marina. Following the Road back to Kilrush you pass by the Millenium Park and on to Frances Street which brings you back to your original starting point.

Route can be walked in either direction. Recommended as a daytime walk.