Origin Green at Expo 2015

Origin Green

Find out more about Ireland’s New Contract with Nature at the Ireland Pavilion at EXPO 2015 from May 1st – October 31st

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The theme of Ireland’s participation at EXPO 2015 is 'Origin Green' which encapsulates Ireland’s quest to become a world-leading producer of sustainably produced food and drink while protecting the lands rich natural resources for generations to come. Origin Green addresses the theme at the very heart of EXPO Milan – the need for mankind to ensure sufficient, healthy and sustainably produced food for future generations.

Ireland’s New Contract with Nature... We call it Origin Green

Farming generations
Farming generations

What is Origin Green?

Origin Green is the world’s first national sustainable food movement. Launched in 2012, Ireland’s ambition is to have every farm and food producer join the movement, committing to producing our food and drink in a more sustainable manner by the end of 2016. 90% of Irish food and drink companies are participating and this is growing. Developed and managed by The Irish Food Board, it is the only food sustainability programme in the world operating on a national scale across an entire industry: from farm to factory.

Why Origin Green?

As the world seeks to expand food production by 70% over the next four decades and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a similar order, with falling rates of growth in agricultural productivity and unpredictable weather conditions, sustainability has become a major issue for the global food industry.

Building on Ireland’s natural advantages, the Origin Green programme is helping Ireland become a leading source of sustainably produced food and drink products.

“We did not inherit this world from our parents. We borrowed it from our children. One day we will return it to them. When we do, it should be every bit as bountiful as it was when we found it. That’s what sustainability means.”

The importance of safeguarding and sustainably developing this land – our children’s inheritance – is built into our DNA. Every year we set more stretching targets for ourselves because we can never be sustainable enough.

Ireland's pristine coast
Ireland's pristine coast

How Origin Green Works

Measuring What Matters

Origin Green provides the unifying infrastructure, standards and independent auditing to ensure that the competitive advantages of Ireland’s location are put to the best possible use, both inside and outside of Ireland, for generations to come.

Sustainable Farming: A relentless focus on carbon emissions, biodiversity, water and energy use

Sustainable Manufacturing: Independently verified improvements, from raw materials to resource management

Sustainable Communities: An awareness of the value of responsible food production for consumers, employees, for society.

Visit the Origin Green website for more information: www.origingreen.ie

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