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The Fireside Folklore Experience

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Ballinagalliagh, Drumcliffe, Sligo,

The Fireside Folklore Experience is located at Drumcliffe, an area rich in ancient history. It tells of local customs, traditions and the ways of its people from the past right up to the present.

Learn about the relationship that people have with the land, sea, their encounters with “the other world” and its effect on their lives. This, along with the area’s history makes it an interesting, surprising and intimate experience in the setting of an Irish home.

Wonderful authentic stories from real people and real places in the Ireland of yesterday and the Ireland of the present. Where the invisible could reveal itself in the dead of night, briefly, to a surprised weary traveller.

Moving through local folklore and legends is an area steeped with historical facts and quiet mystery, Drumcliffe, and Benbulben link together. Benbulben is the distinctive table-topped mountain with rare alpine plants and Drumcliffe is the historical billage associated with Saint Columbus and the poet, W.B. Yeats.

Some of the local beliefs are also shared throughout Ireland. These stories are presented by the, “Bean an tí,” the woman of the house, who is in her own corner, with her own style and wit.