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Lough Derg Place of Pilgrimage

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Lough Derg, Pettigo, Donegal,
T: +353(0)719861518
E: info@loughderg.org

Lough Derg, or St Patrick's Purgatory as it is traditionally known as, is Ireland's most ancient place of pilgrimage and is situated on Station Island, near the small village of Pettigo, County Donegal.

St Patrick’s Purgatory, Lough Derg, is a unique island of peace. Pilgrims have been travelling to this sacred site on Station Island, County Donegal, for centuries on a spiritual quest or journey seeking something deeper, getting closer to their authentic selves, and continuing a ritualistic tradition of their ancestors.

Lough Derg is the perfect haven to truly get away from the daily grind. Stunning scenery and soothing surroundings allow visitors to reflect and meditate on their life's journey. The small island, set in calm lake waters, offers no distractions, artificialities or interruptions. Instead, visitors and pilgrims are welcomed and cared for.

The first sanctuary of St Patrick, Lough Derg has offered rest and growth to generations of visitors from Ireland and beyond. It offers an opportunity to be part of an Irish tradition that has spanned centuries, bringing with it an opportunity for calm, hope and for renewal. They welcome visitors to enjoy their day retreats, tailored workshops, faith-based seminars, family focused events and special events.

Visitors can discover a new way to relax, unwind and explore their spirituality. Whether it's a holiday, a break from the norm or looking for something more, the ancient sanctuary of St Patrick’s Purgatory, Lough Derg is the perfect place to start.

Bus Eireann, in conjunction with Translink Northern Ireland, operate a regular service to Lough Derg during the Three-Day Pilgrimage Season each year from various towns and cities throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.