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Museum of Orange Heritage - Sloan's House

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Sloan’s House 84/86 Main Street, Loughgall, County Armagh,
Mr Roger Gardiner
T: (028) 3889 2048

Sloan’s House holds a unique role in Irish history as the birthplace of the Orange Institution.

The County Grand Lodge of Armagh has an important collection of artefacts and documents relating to the beginnings of the Institution.

Importantly, in Sloan’s House, and in particular in Sloan’s Parlour, we have a site of iconic significance in the history of the Institution. It was here on, or immediately after 21 September 1795, that James Sloan drew up papers which led to the establishment of a defensive association of Protestants that would ultimately become the Orange Order as we know it today.

The ethos of the new Sloan’s House Museum is to: Preserve, Present and Promote.

Preserve the many artefacts of historical value and significance for future generations to enjoy and learn from.

Present these items in a sympathetic, interesting and stimulating way. To engage visitors, from all walks of life and ages, and provide them with a unique experience, in terms of quality, content, interaction and comfort.

Promote a greater understanding of our shared history. Increase mutual respect, tolerance and understanding, and build cross community, cross border relationships.

Garden of Remembrance is available.

Full disability access with lift.