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Kinsale Museum

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Market Square, Kinsale, Cork,
Mr Eugene Gillen
T: +353(0)214772234

The Kinsale Museum is located in the old town Courthouse in the centre of the picturesque village of Kinsale, County Cork. It houses the largest collection of maritime artefacts in Ireland and a wonderful display on the mysterious Kinsale Giant.

The building in which the Kinsale Museum is housed can be dated back as far as the 1590's.

Kinsale Town, in County Cork, received its first royal charter in 1334, a mark of the town's commercial as well as strategic importance. The then mayor and chief justice, Thurston Haddock combined his business under one roof, thus giving rise to the building's more familiar incarnations, that of a courthouse. It was here in 1915, that the inquest into the sinking of the RMS Lusitania was held and even today sad reminders of this time echo about the walls. The museum houses a large number of local artifacts relating to Kinsale's maritime, military and secular history from the Battle of Kinsale to the Kinsale Giant.

The elegant façade was added in 1703 and is very clearly Northern European in style. One of the features of note is the Venetian window above the entrance, a very rare and unusual example in this country.

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