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HMS Caroline

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Alexandra Dock Queen's Road, Belfast, County Antrim,
T: (028) 9045 4484

A World War 1 Light Battle Cruiser, is the last surviving ship from The Battle of Jutland.

Having undergone extensive restoration, the visitor experience in Belfast's Titanic Quarter allows visitors to discover a range of historic spaces including Captain Crookes Cabin, the engine room, sick bay and galley kitchen. Visitors can explore, through a mixture of historic restoration, state-of-the-art special effects and hands-on interactive exhibits, the importance of the Battle of Jutland and discover what life was like at sea for over three hundred crew who served on board.

In the 1920's, HMS Caroline was converted into the floating headquarters for the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve in Belfast. Members of the Reserve were able to specialise in many different roles, including Signalman and Wireless Telegraphist. The 'Signal School' will be a contemporary space with hands-on multimedia exhibits where visitors can try their hand at World War One communication methods like signal lanterns, signal flags and Morse code. Communication at sea during the 20th & 21st Century will be explored and brought up to date with innovative displays and interactive exhibits.

In the Torpedo School, visitors will explore the role of naval weaponry, then and now, with a range of hands-on tactile displays and activities involving replicated equipment, models and interactive displays. Visitors will be able to design their own 'Dazzle' paint scheme for their ship, explore the insides of a torpedo and learn about the various roles of crew when in battle.

HMS Caroline's virtual access suite is a comfortable, contemporary space where all visitors, including those unable to visit the lower decks, can explore the ship. A variety of virtual techniques are available for visitors to access hard to reach parts of the ship, such as remote cameras and augmented reality interactivity as well as multi-sensory, tactile models and displays.

Visitors will also be able to investigate the events leading up to the Battle of Jutland and consider the point of view of the German and British Naval Forces – both of whom claimed victory after the battle.

There are a number of car parking facilities located in the Titanic Quarter. Don’t forget to visit the Mess Deck Café on board, for a refreshing drink with a wide selection of sandwiches, soup and traybakes. The gift shop also offers a range of HMS Caroline themed gifts, perfect for all occasions.