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Saint Brigid’s Shrine and Well Faughart

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Faughart, Dundalk, Louth,
T: +353(0)429352111

Situated just 15 minutes from Dundalk, the Hill of Faughart is one of County Louth’s great historical sites. It is the location of several scenes of the legendary Táin Bó Cúalinge and features ruins associated with St Brigid.

Near the border with Northern Ireland, just 15 minutes from Dundalk, County Louth, people can visit the fascinating Hill of Faughart. It is the location of several incidents in the legendary tale Táin Bó Cúalinge. The hill also features remains of an Iron-Age fort, Norman motte-castle and medieval church. In the graveyard, visitors can see St Brigid’s Well, the base of an old cross and a horseshoe-shaped mound.

The site was associated with St Brigid and thus continues to be a place of pilgrimage today. Just a few kilometres south, a church in Kilcurry contains a small piece of skull, believed to be a relic of St Brigid.
The site is 200m uphill on the right. The site is an old graveyard and, as such, is uneven, with buried grave markers and long grass in the summer months.

Facilities include an Interpretation Panel and car park.