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Glengormley Sportsbowl

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3-5 Glenwell Road, Newtownabbey, County Antrim,
Ms Kerrie Mulvenna
T: (028) 9084 8323
F: (028) 9084 8166

Glengormley Sportsbowl is located just behind McDonalds in the heart of Glengormley.

Glengormley Sportsbowl is located near the Movie House and just behind McDonald's in the heart of Glengormley. It houses 16 lanes of automated tenpin bowling with automatic bumpers available for young children. The bumpers can be set so that they will automatically go up for the children and down for the adults, to ensure an even playing field and fun for all. An indoor karting area for children has proven to be most popular. Kids aged between seven and 11 can speed around the track on their own and younger ones aged three to six, who may not be able to manage driving just yet, can go around the track accompanied by their parents on a twin Kart. There are a variety of video games and pool tables on site too.

The café on site provides a variety of soft drinks and snacks as well as hot food. It is the feeding destination for our birthday parties which are very competitively priced. A most popular venues for children's birthday parties it's also ideal for a fun day out for all the family.