Taste of Dublin - See Dublin by Bike

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Cafe Rothar, Fade Street, Dublin,
Mr Julian Vignoles
Эл.п.: seedublinbybike@gmail.com

See Dublin by Bike offers a relaxed, informative and fun guided bike tour of Dublin to visitors wanting to explore lesser known and otherwise inaccessible areas of the city taking in the main sights and some hidden gems.

A bike tour covers much more of the city than a walking tour and is more intimate than a bus tour. It also allows the visitor access to lesser know places, streets and parks that are otherwise inaccessible.

The Taste of Dublin takes in all the main sights, Dublin Castle, the General Post Office and Garden of Remembrance, the three Cathedrals, College Green, Merrion Square, Parnell Square, the Grand Canal Dock - everywhere from Guinness to Google!

But the tour also brings the participant to real city neighbourhoods, where you get a sense of the life of the city. Along the way, the guides will bring you well researched information on the history of the city and the personalites and events that shaped its character.