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Aunt Sandra's Candy Factory

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60 Castlereagh Road, BELFAST, County Antrim,
 (028) 9073 2868

Handmade chocolates, fudge and candies are made at Aunt Sandra's Candy Factory.

Aunt Sandra's Candy Factory is nationally renowned as one of the finest purveyors of hand made chocolates, fudge and boiled sweets, made from 100 year old recipes. A visit to the shop is like taking a trip back in time where visitors can look in on the whole production process and see how hand made chocolates and hand made fudge are made, most of which can be sampled as it's produced.

All candy and chocolates are made by hand. A viewing window into the small quaint factory allows visitors to enjoy tastes and smells of old-time candy-making at its best. Visitors come from all over to the Candy Factory and it has become a popular tourist attraction in East Belfast.

Why not visit our new ice cream parlour and tea house and sample some of the finest
•Yellow Man
•Raspberry Ruffle
*Belfast Fudge (a number one best seller)
•Baileys Fudge
•Irish Cream Fudge
•Xxx Brandy drops (an old family recipe that will blow your socks off!)

Attractions available at Aunt Sandra's:

• Individual and Groups welcome
• Birthday parties
• Hen Nights
• Candy demonstrations and shows
• Guaranteed fun and enjoyment for all ages at Aunt Sandra's

To book call (028) 90732868