Cashel Folk Village Museum

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Dominick Street, Cashel, Tipperary,

Cashel Folk Village Museumin located in Cashel County Tipperary has been hailed as an historical master class. The Museum is a must see place to visit, because of the incredible range of historical artefacts and memorabilia on site.

Cashel Folk Village Museum in situated in the town of Cashel, near to the famous Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary.

"Themes on show include the Great Famine, Penal Times and the War of Independence, in a one stop shop historical master class." according to historical writer Brian O'Neil writing in the Public Sector Magazine.

Inside this old world museum is a fabulous collection of historical memorabilia relating in particular to famed members of the Third Tipperary Brigade and the War of Independence. There is also a section of the museum which documents The Great Irish Famine of 1845 – 1851 through lifelike exhibits and an audiovisual show concerning the Great Famine, which is well worth watching.

It also includes a Penal Chapel, (which was built with 12th century stones from the Franciscan Abbey which originally stood where the local Catholic Church now stands). This Church houses an incredible collection of religious artefacts, like the Stations of the Cross, which were brought back from Ypres in Belgium by General O’Hickie after the first World War.

At the 1916 Easter Rising section of the museum, where you get a great sense of that period of Irish history, in particular due to the vast array of original memorabilia on display of the 1916 Easter Rising. Everywhere you look, there is an incredible array of historic pieces relating to this unique and so/important period,

On Tripadvisor the Cashel Folk Village Museum has been ranked as the No.1 Museum in Co. Tipperary, and it has been ranked as such very year since it was first listed.