Strokestown Park House and Garden

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Strokestown, Roscommon,

Strokestown Park House is an 18th-century mansion, faithfully restored, retaining its original furnishings and offering professionally guided tours. It is located in County Roscommon and features a six-acre walled garden.

Strokestown Park House is an 18th-century mansion which has been faithfully restored. It is unique in that it retains its original furnishings, offering professionally guided tours which allow visitors to experience Georgian Ireland in its purest form. The beautifully restored six-acre Georgian walled garden complex gives a unique insight into horticultural practices and garden architecture from the 1740s to the present day.

The Famine Museum on the grounds uses a combination of original documents and images from the Strokestown Park collection to explain the circumstances of the Great Irish Famine of the 1840s. This collection boasts an extensive range of papers, including actual letters written by the tenants on the Strokestown Estate at the time of the famine.

Residential accommodation is now available in the newly restored servants' quarters. Architecturally restored two and three-bedroom courtyard dwellings are available to rent, offering visitors wishing to stay a while longer a unique opportunity to become part of the Strokestown Estate. Adjacent to Strokestown Park House sits a woodland first planted in the early 1700s by Thomas Mahon. The woodlands are open to the public, and some of the original mature specimens of quercus robur (oak) and fagus sylvatica (beech) remain to be seen. As the woodland is now accessible, planting is resuming in order to keep this stunning natural asset alive for all to enjoy. Admission to the woodland walk is free.

After a day spent exploring, why not stop by our restaurant, where you can choose from a wide-ranging menu. The restaurant is situated in what was once the estate granary and serves wholesome, home-baked fare throughout the day.