Cork City

3rd International SCENARIO Forum Conference 2020

May 21 2020 - May 24 2020
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The third SCENARIO Conference will revolve around new and existing connections and collaborations between educational sectors and the performative arts.

The conference welcomes contributions from scholars, teacher trainers, teachers as well as artists and practitioners in education, arts-based disciplines and professional fields of practice. These can be in the form of 25-minute papers, 90-minute workshops, short films, performance pieces and poster presentations.

The contributions should touch on one or more of the following aspects:

-Potentials and challenges of performative teacher training
-The roles of teachers and learners in performative pedagogy
-Discipline-specific performative teaching and learning
-Interdisciplinary orientations in performative education
-Inter/transcultural education and the performative arts
-Performative research: Past, current and future research projects
-Theoretical perspectives on performative pedagogy, approaches and practices
-Visionary perspectives: Cultivating performative teaching and learning at all levels of education