Cork City

Cork City Gaol & Radio Museum Experience

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Convent Avenue, Sunday's Well, Cork City, Cork,

Experience bygone days in Cork, both inside and outside prison walls, and also discover the impact radio has had since its invention at the Cork City Gaol and Radio Museum Experience. Located within earshot of the famous Bells of Shandon.

Two of Cork City's leading tourist attractions are housed in this unique building, located a stroll away from Cork city centre and the famous Shandon church bells.

Step back in time to see what 19th and early 20th century life was like in Cork, both inside and outside prison walls. The exhibition shows amazingly lifelike figures, furnished cells and sound effects that allow the visitor to experience the day-to-day life of prisoners and gaolers.

Situated in the former Governor’s House, the Radio Museum Experience incorporates the restored 6CK Radio Broadcasting Studio. The experience is complemented by an audio-visual presentation on Marconi, particularly his Irish connections, and a wonderfully nostalgic collection of artefacts from the early days of radio, including the RTE Collection (Ireland's national radio and television station).