The Burren Centre

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Kilfenora, Clare,
Mr Francis Connole

The Burren Centre introduces visitors to the stunning sights and ancient mysteries which await discovery in this unspoiled and unique corner of Ireland. Located in the County Clare village of Kilfenora, at the junction of the R476 and R481.

Discover the unique magic of this 'Bhoireann' or 'stony place' region in the Burren Centre. This visitor centre lies at the heart of the historic village of Kilfenora. It boasts a fantastic exhibition, an audio-visual theatre, local crafts shop and tea room.

The audio visual film, narrated by famous environmentalist Eamon de Buitlear, traces the formation of the Burren 320 million years ago and explains why Alpine, Artic and Mediterranean plants grow side by side in this unique limestone world.

Learn how wolves once roamed the forests and how man hunted bears. And understand how ancient man left his mark on the landscape in the form of the dolmens and burial chambers, which still stand today as stone sentinels to the Burren's heritage.