Wee Buns - Bramley Apple Baking Worksop and Orchard Visit

Sep 11 2019 - Oct 05 2019
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65 Drumgannon Road, Moy, County Tyrone,
 07739 556 408

We will celebrate the Bramley Apple in this hands-on baking workshop with a visit to a local orchard

Visit a local family orchard in the ‘Orchard County‘, County Armagh during the apple season to learn about the local history of these wonderful apples.

Then on to the cookery school (5 minutes drive away) for a hands-on baking class focusing on the Bramley Apple and using lovely authentic Northern Irish recipes handed down by the generations of women (not least my own grandmother) who baked every day. Recipes that are still relevant and delicious today.

Recipes to include:
Apple Tart made with sweet, buttery shortcrust pastry
Soda Farls
Potato Apple Bread – traditionally made at Halloween with lashings of Irish butter and sugar
Apple & ginger scones
Apple Dumpling – another Co.Armagh speciality , not for the faint hearted this one !
Apple Crumble
Crab Apple Jelly

Participants will be making their own apple and ginger scones and soda farls and will have these and a jar of apple jelly to take home. We will start the day at the Orchard and participants will then make their own way to the cookery school, 5 minutes drive away. Light lunch and refreshments throughout.

September 11th, September 25th, October 2nd, October 5th