Little Spooks

Oct 27 2018 - Oct 31 2018
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81 Killylea Road, Armagh, County Armagh,
 (028) 3752 9644

Little Spooks is the Halloween experience for anyone who isn't afraid of spooky surprises.

Little Spooks is the perfect Halloween experience for boys and girls who aren’t afraid of enjoying some spooky surprises.

A Halloween Bride & Gloom Story - Do you have the courage to be witness at the ceremony? Emma Goner is no ordinary bride in this most extraordinary of wedding days. With an undead bride and ghostly groom, join the hapless couple on the most memorable day of their lives (or afterlives).

The witch’s cabin is just a short walk away along the winding path. Discover what ghastly ingredients go into a witch’s cauldron and, if you are brave enough to torture your tastebuds, there will be a truly gruesome brew freshly prepared just for you.

Proceed along the path to the Palace of the Pumpkin Prince. There, you will hear some startling stories sure to put a shiver up your spine.