Travelling in Ireland by air

Ireland's compact size means air travel is not essential, but if you need to fly here's how you do it

Travel by Air

With Ireland being a modestly sized island with an extensive and speedy train network and modern motorways connecting the main cities, there’s little need for too many internal flights. The only internal flights on the island of Ireland are the Dublin-Kerry and Dublin-Donegal routes, which take approximately 40 minutes.

Aran Islands

Flights to all three of the Aran Islands are with Aer Arann. These flights to the islands leave from the picturesque setting of Connemara Regional Airport with a journey time of approximately eight minutes. There are no flights between the islands themselves.

Galway Airport is now closed for passenger traffic and Sligo airport has no scheduled services.

International airports

There are 10 airports offering international flights on the island of Ireland:

Shannon Airport

Dublin Airport

Cork Airport

Belfast International Airport

Belfast City (George Best) Airport

City of Derry Airport

Waterford Airport

Kerry Airport

Ireland West Airport Knock

Donegal Airport

Visitors to Ireland will need their passport at all times when travelling internally on the island of Ireland.

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