Cinnamon Garden Restaurant

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Main Street, Ashbourne, Meath,

The Cinnamon Garden is a contemporary India restaurant serving modern Indian food in a beautifully decorated dining room. A restaurant that is striving to be the best, coupled with really good service makes this one of the finds of the year.

At the Cinnamon Garden Restaurant the goal is to bring global flavors to local community by introducing a modern approach to Indian Cuisine. The menu features bold and distinct flavours that showcase the unique blend of cuisines found throughtout India. The Cinnamon Garden Restaurant uses locally grown seasonal produce and herbs to prepare sauces, spice blends, and desserts daily. The Restaurant is committed to using the highest quality meats, seafood and fish. The Cinnamon Garden Restaurant is excited to share the vibrant flavors and exciting combinations of contemporary Indian cuisine and the friendly staff look forward to welcoming guests upon arrival.