Glengarriff Slí na Sláinte

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Glengarriff, Cork,

Two walks in Glengarriff.

Glengarriff Slí na Sláinte 6.3km
The Glengarriff Slí na Sláinte is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the country. Beginning at the village junction the route follows the Kenmare Road and turns left into the nature reserve at the gate lodge. Veer right at the footbridge and follow the path, which runs along beside the river. Passing the picnic area on the left, turn left once the tarred road is reached. The route passes over a charming stone bridge, (take notice of the nearby waterfall) and then turns left onto a forest trail at the next Km marker. Follow the path to the right, cross the river at the wooden footbridge and continue along the riverbank. This will open out into a large field known locally as the 'Big Meadow', which soon rejoins the woodland trail. Continue along the path, turning left onto the tarred road at the wooden gate. Follow the road back towards the village, turning left at the end of the road to reach the starting point in the village once more.

'Around the Lookout' Sli 3.3km
Follow the Glengarriff Sli past the gate lodge into the nature reserve. Cross the footbridge instead of veering right and continue along the path for a short time. Turn left upon reaching the tarred road and follow the Glengarriff Sli once more, back to the starting point.