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Guided Tours of Limerick City by Kayak on the Mighty Shannon
Limerick City starting point varies dependant on tides.

Explore the might River Shannon with Limerick City Kayak Tours as Nevsail Watersports brings Limerick's Viking past to life during the City of Culture 2014.

This tour is suitable for paddlers of any level and combines the beauty of the majestic river along with folklore of the deep history of the Treaty City. Limerick has been destroyed no less than 13 times with the agressors using the Shannon each time to surprise the natives!

You can follow in the footsteps and paddle strokes of raiding Danes, pillaging Vikings (and even the angry tribal neighbours) while taking in the famous sites of the city, its colourful folklore and local wildlife. Whether you are a local or a tourist to Limerick, you are sure to enjoy the unique experience of Nevsail’s Limerick City Kayak Tours.

Times and start location in the City vary dependant on tides. All equipment provided for this 2.5 hour trip. Contact Nevsail Watersports for further information.