Carrigafoyle Castle

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Ballylongford, Kerry,

The castle built in 1490 is set within the flat landscape of the wider Shannon Estuary and is sheltered by the small island of Carrig only 200m to the north across the salt marsh which is inundated at high tide. The medieval Church of Carrigafoyle stands opposite the castle and is built in the same style.

Carrigafoyle Castle, built between the years 1490 and 1500, is considered one of the strongest of Irish fortresses. It stands on a rock in a small bay off the Shannon estuary, and its name is an Anglicisation of the Irish, Carraig an Phoill "rock of the hole".

Now a listed National Monument, its battlements provide stunning views of the estuary and the most interesting feature of the building is the dock, which allowed boats to tie up safely. This was particularly important when in the 1500’s the O’Connor’s of Kerry held political power over the area which allowed them to “inspect” ships passing to and from the port of Limerick.