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3 Merchant Court, The Diamond, Donegal, Donegal,
Mr Tony McGill

Crow Hill Gallery is run by artist Tony Mc Gill, a Donegal native specialising in painting and drawing. His work centres on the Donegal landscape and its ephemeral light. It is located in the heart of Donegal Town. He also paints Pop Art icons.

Crow Hill Gallery is an art gallery and working painters studio, opened by local Donegal artist Tony McGill in June of 2017. The gallery is situated in the heart of Donegal town, just off The Diamond and upstairs at Merchant Court. It has been a long held ambition and dream of Tony's to open a gallery/studio space and to nurture a career as a full time, professional artist. The gallery displays his own paintings and various artworks from other local artists. All artworks on display at the gallery are for sale and may be purchased from Tony directly. Pieces may also be bought online by visiting his website.

Tony studied fine art at the institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dun Laoghaire where he graduated in 2012 with an Honours BA in Visual Art Practice. He returned to college in 2015 and completed a Higher Diploma in Adult and Further Education at Maynooth University in 2016.

The primary themes Tony is concerned with in his art are issues surrounding notions of place, memory and the past and the intrinsic connections and links that submerge and combine these ethereal and intangible elements. These concerns are investigated predominantly through paintings that, rather than offering any straight forward realist imitation of a particular place or landscape, instead tread a fine line between representation and abstraction in the evocation of an atmosphere or feeling. Looking at each aspect in isolation and in combination, he is endeavouring to determine how these symbiotic, analogous concepts relate to and affect, subjectively and collectively, our pasts, present and any possible futures.

Without necessarily providing any recognisable fixed location or context for a shared platform of emotional or aesthetic experience, Tony hopes instead to provide a place where fiction and reality and our own various narratives, memories and experiences merge and blur with those of others in a moment of communal understanding. In doing so he would like to evoke something that is seemingly impossible to put into words but is innately experienced and intuitively understood by the viewer, something just beyond knowledge or knowing. These painted landscapes act as settings wherein place, memory, dream and imagination intimately entwine and fuse, becoming one.

Ultimately Crow Hill Gallery is, in many ways, the culmination of a lifelong pursuit of a very particular dream which has detoured and wandered down many different wonderful roads and avenues and which has taken many forms and variations ranging from utter exasperation to pure joy. It is also the beginning of a new journey and chapter in Tony’s life and artistic voyage and he strives to continuously explore, learn and grow as a person and as an artist.