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1900s Irish Halloween Experience

Oct 30 2019
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Gallaghers Boxty House, 20-21 Temple Bar, Dublin City, Dublin,

This cultural event showcases Halloween from 500BC to 1900’s old Ireland. Your personal host will bring you through a unique culinary experience with explanations about the traditional Irish food, history, traditional games and customs from Halloween

The event will begin with a brief history talk about the origin of Halloween. Guests will be taken on a journey back in time to 500BC when the Halloween festival first began. You will learn where the word “Halloween” originated and other interesting facts, like the name the festival was called in ancient times.

From 500 BC, you will travel forward to the next stop on our history tour to the 1900s. Learn about the traditional customs that both adults and children enjoyed. You will hear about the old superstitions that people lived by and most importantly clever ways to find your future husband or wife in olden times.

There will be an overview of the history and origins of Halloween games, which are older than you think. “Bob for apples” is one of these games. They will provide a demonstration of how it works and ask guests if they would also like to try!

Once the history tour and traditional Halloween games have concluded, guests will be ready for the Halloween themed meal! Before the traditional Halloween menu is served with dishes from 1900s Ireland and also featuring some traditional Halloween dishes. Your host for the event will explain the history to each menu item before and during the feast.

(all allergens listed in brackets)

Selection of Freshly Made Irish Bread on Arrival

A Halloween Feast featuring

Samhain Stew - A traditional Harvest Stew made with Irish Beef and Seasonal Vegetables (Celery)

Served with Sides of

Colcannon - Traditional Irish dish of Cabbage, Kale and Mashed Potato (Dairy)

Seasonal Roasted Root Vegetables with Herbs

Pan-fired Boxty Pancakes

Children's Choice of

Irish Pork & Leek Sausage with Savory Gravy and Mashed Potato (Gluten, Celery, Dairy)

Free-range Irish Chicken Fillet in Crisp Breadcrumb with Thick Cut Chips (Egg)

Served with Sides

Boxty Fries - Crispy strips of Boxty Pancake, with a Rocket & Garlic Dip (Egg)

Drinks Included
Fruity red punch ( Non-Acholic )

Vegetarian alternatives are available if requested.

After guests have enjoyed the culinary delights of Halloween, they will be introduced to the “Barnbrack fortune teller”. Barnbrack is a traditional Halloween cake served both in historical time and today. There are hidden symbols in this special cake that are symbolic of your future. Boxty House have created safer alternative involving stickers, the rest you will have to find out on the night. They include a ring, a piece of cloth, a stick and a pea! Your host will reveal what each one means at the event.

Barnbrack ( Fruit Cake ),
or Ice Cream for people who prefer.

Accompanied by a choice toffee or chocolate-covered apple.

To bring this wonderful event to a close, having enjoyed this wonderful Halloween event, guests will receive a 1900’s style goodie bag with traditional Irish sweets from the 1900s.

Estimated Finish time is 15:30

This event is part of Taste the Island.