On Refusal: Representation & Resistance in Contemporary American Art

Oct 25 2019 - Jan 19 2020
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10 Exchange Street West, Belfast, County Antrim,
 (028) 9023 5053

A group exhibition featuring new and recent works by 6 different artists.

Proposing the body as a site of political enquiry, ‘On Refusal’ explores a return to figuration in the practices of a generation of artists currently working out of the United States, and examines the political impetus for this reinvestment in the body and notions of embodiment as a subject of art in the context of contemporary America.

Specifically, the exhibition highlights the ways in which the six artists featured in the exhibition trouble, and in many ways collapse, historical traditions of bodily representation, and ultimately how – each in very different ways – their works use representations of, or allusions to, the body as a vehicle for thinking through resistance: for imagining other possible futures and other modes for living.

In particular, this exhibition will engage these works within a discourse of ‘refusal’; framed here as both an act of protest and a generative process of renewal. By identifying three dominant visual modes, or artistic strategies – Opacity, Liquidity and Rupture – the exhibition will surface linkages between aesthetic, poetic and political modes of refusal in the work of these artists in an effort to think through their various aesthetic interventions in the present, and visions of the future.

For more information, please visit https://themaclive.com/exhibition/on-refusal-representation-resistance-in-contemporary-american-art