Gochi Japanese Bistro

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13-17 Dawson Street, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Gochi Japanese Bistro, Serving traditional & contemporary Japanese cuisine in a relaxed casual setting. Choose from traditional dishes like Sushi, Teriyaki or our signature Ribe Eye Steak with Shitake mushrooms.

Gochi Japanese Bistro

Where Contemporary and Traditional Japanese culinary traditions meet

At Gochi we offer a distinctive dining experience in a relaxed casual setting.

Our goal is to provide just one more reason to smile, laugh, and celebrate as you savor the best ingredients nature has to offer.

We feature a wide range of Traditional and Contemporary Japanese dishes that appeal to all the senses, taste, smell and visual artistry.
We source locally produced ingredients where possible and create our weekly or daily dishes with seasonal produce.

Choose from traditional dishes like Sushi, Sashimi, Salmon or Chicken Teriyaki, Katsu Chicken or Prawn Curry, Tempura or Contemporary dishes like our Rib Eye Steak with Shitake Mushrooms & Fries.

Our aim is to create a memorable dining experience for any occasion with our mix of quality service, signature wines, Asian beers, quality coffee and of course our excellent food.

Please visit us and enjoy all we have to offer.

Take Out Menu also available.