Ballykeel Portal Tomb (Dolmen)

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Bernish Road, Newry, County Down,
 (028) 9082 3207

A Portal Neolitical Tomb situated on the edge of a terrace ringed by low rugged hills.

This Neolithic burial site, dated between 4000 and 2500 BC, has a huge capstone, supported on upright stones, over an octagonal burial chamber. It is known as the 'Hag's Chair'.

It stands dramatically at the southern end of a long stone cairn. Most of the cairn has gone, but two parallel lines of carefully-set stones defining the edges are still visible. Excavation in 1963 revealed that a stone-lined grave or cist had been inserted into the northern end of the cairn but this is no longer visible. Finds from the excavation included many sherds of Neolithic pottery and a few flint tools.

It is located within the Ring of Gullion, an area rich in megalithic sites.