Ness Country Park

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50 Oughtagh Road Killaloo Claudy, Londonderry, County Londonderry,
Mr Seamus Carten
 (028) 7133 8838

55 hectares of mixed woodland along with open parkland and scenic woodland walks.

In the steep, wooded Glen of the Burntollet River, south-east of Derry/Londonderry, lies Ness Country park. This area consists of 55 hectares of mixed woodland along with open parkland which extends along both sides of the Burntollet River.

There are over 7km of stunning woodland and riverside walks. If visitors are lucky enough, they may get the chance to experience and see the wonderful sights of the breath-taking waterfall walk. For less able visitors, there is a meadow walk which offers easy access walking.

Facilities include car park, visitors centre, toilets and picnic area.

Car parking at 4 points:
Main car park at Visitors Centre (access via Oughtagh Road).
Open access car park at main entrance (access via Oughtagh Road).
Open access Ness Wood car park (access via Oughtagh Road).
Open access Ervey Wood car park (access via Ervey Road).

NB. Please note that due to flood damage to a section of the riverside pathway which leads from the visitor centre areas towards the Ness Wood is impassable. To access Ness Wood and to view the waterfall please enter Ness Wood via the Ness Wood car park which is located approximately ½ mile further along the Oughtagh Road past the main visitor centre car park entrance.

Update: The steps at Ness Country Park are now open giving access to Shane's Bridge.